Clients’ Feedback

“If you need advice, support and clarification on your next career steps, do not hesitate to contact Fabienne.
She will help you express your aspirations, will guide through the process of re-routing your career and give you words of encouragement. After a few sessions with her, I felt very motivated and empowered to tackle a new chapter in my professional life” C.V.

” The coaching programme with Fabienne has brought to light The sudden self awareness and self actualisation that limits only exist in mind. The fact that I could stop and choose to live life as opposed to letting life happen to me gave me the belief that i can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I was blown away by the impact of being aware of a few key intangible aspects such as Desire, Determination and Courage. It completely transformed my game because for the first time there were no doubts. I believed and trusted my ability and performed and at high level with ease. It reignited a hunger and passion to win again. Meeting to Review every week on the same day and time helped to cement a productive routine through trial and error. It was about finding familiarity through visualization and going back to what made me succeed in the past that I wasn’t not aware of. The challenges presented by Fabienne got me out of my comfort zone and exposed my hidden potential that I had always felt and visualised but limited myself to it. The professionalism and feedback by Fabienne was on point. Her commitment and interest formed a great working partnership that made the program enjoyable.” N.N.

“2017 was probably one of the most challenging years in my working journey since 2011 – I am fortunate enough to have been given an opportunity to work with an Executive Coach. One chemistry session later and I chose Fabienne with no hesitation. The program and tools are one aspect – working with a coach who understands the challenges we face – whilst allowing me to work the program in a way that I understood – she pushed me to grow and evolve and half way into the program I had a complete mind shift and the light bulb came on.
I would recommend Fabienne to all who are looking for that nudge to climb out of the rut we can all so easily get stuck in.
Thank you again Fabienne for assisting me to grow and giving me the tools to truly enjoy everyday at work and to see the value in our team and myself .
The entire team have benefited from our journey. Will miss the sessions and the view …” LA. J.

“I really enjoyed working with Fabienne. As a coach and as organiser of a seminar, which was designed to enhance team performance after a reorganisation of our group. A success!
Fabienne has a great operational experience and she is able to liaise this to the participants. She always starts at a positive point of view and the most difficult situations seem easy to solve.” P.D.

” I was lucky to choose Fabienne as a coach in the LMI -effective leadership program in November 2017. At this stage of my life, I really felt I needed support to better identify how combining my needs of a balanced life (career, familial, social, physical and health, educational) and find a way to use my strengths, interests, skills to give sense to my life and be usefull by sharing/ transmitting to the young generation and be better involved in the country that welcomes me : South Africa.At the end of the 6 months program (I could have made it shorter but Fabienne left me choosing my own rhythm), I am very happy to get two complementary and very rewarding consulting missions combining my two strong skills and interests finance and education, a big challenge in South Africa. One in an ONG (coach for an entrepreneurship program in townships) and another in a private company in the multimedia industry wanting to launch schools. The LMI program provides you audio and written support to think about yourself, your dreams, your strengths, your experience, objectives in all aspects of your life (wheel of life) and Fabienne challenges you respecting you as a unique person and helps you to be more confident, define objectives and important as well, bundaries. You become able to network naturally without forcing with much more conviction. When you know yourself and what you are expecting it is much easier to convince and missions come to you naturally and you are able to define limits to respect the need of a balanced life. I strongly recommend the program and Fabienne as a coach.” A.F.