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Proudly invited to take part in Africa’s first coaching research study. This University-led project in partnership with the leading African Coaching bodies is a unique opportunity to establish the strength of African coaching. The research project is being lead by University of Stellenbosch Business School, South Africa, COMENSA and Henley Business School. A summary of the results from the survey will be published end of 2019. The aim of the research is to help understand the nature of coaching in Africa and how it compares to a similar study conducted across Europe. (see link) This helps understand the nature of coaching and the benefits it can offer.# hashtagbusinessschools hashtagcoaching hashtagresearch hashtagwhatiscoaching hashtagstudy

Fabienne Perreux: SACAP coach gives perspective

Fabienne has a wealth of global experience in management and leadership

Fabienne Perreux, a certified ICF (International Coach Federation) and COMENSA (Coach and Mentor South Africa) coach is also a graduate of SACAP’s (South African College of Applied Psychology) Post- Graduate course in Leadership and Coaching. A French national, currently based in South Africa, Fabienne has a wealth of global experience in management and leadership; sales and entrepreneurship. Here, she shares her valuable insights into her development as a coach, and her experience of establishing a highly successful coaching practice currently servicing such clients as Absa-Barclays, Robert Walters, Pierre Fabre, BOC, Alstom, GE, Impact and many others.

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START , STOP or CONTINUE? Let me share with you the practical insights of the Solution Focused Approach I recommend for December! This month, Let us focus on START, as the main guarantee for your 2019 happiness and success is…. 2019 STARTS NOW !

My clients appreciate that I am here for them, to help people and leaders find solutions that are human driven to overcome the challenges that require attitude and behaviour change.

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Think Big

Fabienne Perreux : « Think Big ! »

Par Lepetitjournal Johannesbourg| Publié le 30/09/2017

Fabienne Perreux, commerciale de formation et de profession, est arrivée en Afrique du Sud il y a trois ans et a profité de son expatriation pour se reconvertir dans le coaching. Elle partage son expérience, parle de ses ambitions et des obstacles qu’elle a rencontrés et donne quelques tuyaux pour mieux se lancer dans un nouveau projet.

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