START , STOP or CONTINUE? Let me share with you the practical insights of the Solution Focused Approach I recommend for December! This month, Let us focus on START, as the main guarantee for your 2019 happiness and success is…. 2019 STARTS NOW !

My clients appreciate that I am here for them, to help people and leaders find solutions that are human driven to overcome the challenges that require attitude and behaviour change.

Can I help you engage even more and better for your success in 2019? Here are my energising ideas and practical plans for action: 2019 Starts Now!

We are just entering December, but the reality is that a crucial part of our activity this month will bear results in 2019, not this year. What you do this month will largely determine what your first quarter of 2019 looks like. December is where we see the largest difference between top managers and average managers. December is the ultimate slight edge!

Average producers see December as a “holiday month” and gradually start shutting down their year. They figure they will ramp things up again in January. On the other hand, top producers see December as the first month of the new year. The work and activity they do during December ensure they start off strong in January. This allows them to get ahead of their goals from the very first month and never look back, while everyone else is just trying to catch up all year.

There are a few key actions I strongly invite you to take in December to have a great 2019.

1             First, Think of one thing you can start in December that will make you so energised all along 2019.

2             Second, spend some time setting your goals and plan of action for 2019. It is vital you go into the new year with a SMART business goal and a crystal clear plan on how you will achieve it. “If you are not making the progress you would like to make and are capable of making, it is simply because your goals are not clearly defined.” 

3             Third, keep your activity high. December is actually a great month to actively think about your goals, plans and budgets for next year.

Remember, what you do starting today determines your success in 2019. Don’t let the new year start without you.  Start Now!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


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